Foldable 20 Litre Day Pack | Black

599.00 499.00


WEIGHT 280 g

FABRIC MATERIAL Water Repellent Polyester

DIMENSIONS 16 inch X 11 inch


1. Folds into a small pouch for carrying easily a rucksack or suitcase

2. Unfolds into a full-fledge utility backpack with multiple pockets, segregators and key hook

3. Water repellant light weight fabric

4. Ideal for day hikes or day trips while travelling for long distances


The Foldable 20 Litre backpack is your ideal day pack when travelling long distances with a rucksack or suitcase. It is commonly noticed inconvenience to carry an extra backpack on yourself while travelling as a regular backpack takes up a lot of space inside your rucksack or suitcase. The Foldable backpack solves this issue in being compact to carry and full of space to use once opened up with multiple pockets, segregators and key hook.

Manufactured in India.


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