Tripole Organizer Packs – Cylindrical Shaped & Shirt Organizer- Set of 6 | Black

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1 X Small Cylindrical Pack
2 X Medium Cylindrical Pack
1 X Large Cylindrical Pack
1 X Cuboid Shaped for Shirts & Blazers
1 X Shoe Pack


INNOVATIVE SHAPE The cylindrical design is a new concept specially designed for segregating your clothing and other belongings inside a rucksack. One can fit these easily inside the rucksack instead of stuffing clothes on top of each other or using plastic bags which can get really messy.

MULTIPLE SIZES Comes in 5 designs/ sizes. Three of them being cylindrical shaped for packing different sorts of clothings from Tshirts to undergarments; one is a cuboidal shaped pack with elastic fittings to secure your shirts or blazer; the last being a large sized waterproof pouch for storing shoes or even soiled clothes later on in your journey

PICK YOUR COMBO Three different combo options to pick from depending on what suits your travelling requirement. For example, people looking to securely carry formals can go for the one that has a shirt organizer whereas others travelling for leisure can pick the one that does not include a shirt pack. You can also pick multiple combos if you have a bigger rucksack and a lot to carry.

Description: Organizing your clothing inside a rucksack can be a mess and these cylindrical-shaped organizer packs have been specifically designed for segregating your belongings inside a rucksack. A traditional organizer comes in a cuboidal shape which is not efficient to store inside a rucksack. Made in different sizes and arranged in multiple combo options, you can pick the one that suits you. Also comes with a shirt organizer and a shoe packet separately.


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